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“We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own”
– Ben Sweetland -

Program Information

The goal of Rutgers Entrepreneurs Mentoring Program (REMP) is to provide individualized help and guidance to Rutgers students, faculty, staff, alumni and New Jersey entrepreneurs who are in the process of starting or growing entrepreneurial ventures.

Over the course of the program, mentors help mentees:

  • Develop a better understanding of their business and industry;
  • Locate business contacts;
  • Learn about potential funding sources;
  • Make better decisions about the critical issues facing their companies

Our Mentee-Mentor Program follows a well-defined process. It can best be understood by reviewing the following Flowchart

About Our Mentors:

  • Mentors are seasoned entrepreneurs and business executives from a variety of industries and business occupations.
  • Mentors are volunteers who work individually or in groups and can choose mentee projects.
  • All mentors agree to behave in an ethical manner, consistent with the university’s mission and goals.

Benefits to the MENTOR

  • Personal satisfaction. Helping another entrepreneur succeed by giving back, sharing the knowledge and support that the mentor has received in the past.
  • Sharpened leadership and interpersonal skills. Mentors sharpen their own skills as they challenge and coach their mentee(s).
  • Source of Recognition. Mentoring is generally considered one of the hallmarks of leadership in many organizations.
  • Networking. Opportunities to network with other mentors and entrepreneurs.


We are looking for experienced entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts to help our growing group of mentees. If you are interested in helping others, making new business contacts and increasing deal flow, please complete the attached information sheet. (Attach PDF form here)


The Rutgers Entrepreneurs Mentoring Program (REMP) is a partnership between Rutgers Office of Technology Commercialization and a select group of mentors.