Creative Works and Software Licensing Process


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  • Invention Disclosure - When you notify ORC about copyrighted materials that you have created, it begins the process that could result in the commercialization of your materials. (Notice of Authorship and Notice of Software Forms)
  • Assessment - After the notice, ORC will work with you to complete an Assessment. This document will help inform you and ORC about the commercial potential of your invention, and is continually updated throughout the process.
  • Marketing - The licensing team will assemble a non-confidential summary and begin marketing the copyrighted material to potential licensees.
  • Express License -
  • Negotiated License - If a match is found and a company is interested in your technology, the licensing team negotiates a term sheet and a license agreement for the rights to the materials.
  • Commercialization - Once the deal is finalized, ORC manages all aspects of the partnership, including revenue distribution. Direct benefits of commercialization efforts for the creator include personal income, research support income and societal impact.



Note: This page is currently under construction. If you have questions about creative works and software licensing, please contact:


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