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Celebrating First Anniversary: TechAdvance Program is on a Mission

Topics: TechAdvance
Published: July 18, 2018

One year after announcing the launch of Rutgers TechAdvance, the TechAdvance team invited colleagues and supporters to mark the occasion and presented the program’s progress to date. Since its launch in June 2017, the TechAdvance fund has awarded 22 grants to Rutgers researchers to help advance their innovative technologies toward commercialization. Technologies range from cancer detection to renewable energy, new anti-infectives, graphene polymers for use in packaging or military applications, and treatments for neuropsychiatric disorders, to name a few.

Vice President of Research Commercialization, David Kimball, emphasized the importance of this program in advancing exciting new technologies developed at Rutgers so that they can go out and make an impact on society. Christopher Molloy, Senior Vice President of Research and Economic Development, echoed Dr. Kimball’s comments and added that TechAdvance is often highlighted as a unique initiative that is helping to advance research commercialization at Rutgers. After just one year, the program is attracting prominent researchers at Rutgers and the TechAdvance team anticipates that many of them will engage in commercialization activities, including licensing of technologies, creation of startups, industry collaborations, and follow-on funding from public and private sources in the coming months.