Rutgers University Biomedical Research Innovation Cores (RUBRIC)


Mission Statement

RUBRIC bridges the gap between basic and interdisciplinary preclinical research for Rutgers faculty. Professional staff help faculty create translational data for more competitive biomedical grant submissions, and increase collaboration with the private sector.

  • Enable data generation for grant applications and publications
  • Interface between Rutgers and the private sector
  • Bolster the success of NJ biomedical companies

Research Capabilities

The molecular Design and Synthesis Laboratory focuses on the preparation of small molecular probes of new biology.
The molecular Design and Synthesis Laboratory provides non-invasive approaches to study biological and disease models in living systems and ex vivo organs.
MRI, PET/CT, Optical/X-ray, Ultrasound
The Research Pathology Services team supports research in animal models of human disease by providing histology techniques and veterinary pathology services.
Screening Collaborations with several partners are currently under development.


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