Molecular Design and Synthesis Laboratory


Jacques Y. Roberge, Ph.D.
Interim Director


The Molecular Design and Synthesis Laboratory focuses on the design and synthesis of small molecule probes to investigate new biology. In collaboration with other biomedical scientists, these probes are used to interrogate biological pathways to create preliminary data for grant applications as well as to design molecules for diagnostic and therapeutic use. The Molecular Design and Synthesis core has established research collaborations with biotech companies as well as with internal Rutgers University investigators in multiple departments including RBHS and CINJHoused in fully equipped laboratories in the Chemistry department in Rieman Hall and the Pharmacy School in Levine Hall, current capabilities include:

  • Molecular Design by interpretation of SAR by experienced medicinal chemists
  • Synthesis of a wide variety of chemotypes (heterocycles/chiral synthesis)
  • Instrumentation including microwave reactors, LC/MS, analytical and preparative HPLC, NMR and X-ray structure determination
  • Synthesized compounds as crystalline solids or lyophilized salts, 98% purity