Internal Collaborations


RTS has several ongoing research projects with the Cancer Institute of New Jersey. These include projects to:

  • Reactivate mutant p53 protein, which is commonly disabled in human cancers
  • Inhibit growth of cancerous multiple myeloma cells
  • Block the effects of the BMI-1 oncogene, which is important in tumor initiation, progression and resistance
  • Antagonize bone morphogenetic protein-2, which promotes tumor progression
  • Inhibit NAD kinase, which is important in providing energy to cancer cells

These efforts are aimed at discovering small molecule probes that will elucidate cancer pathways and provide researchers at the Cancer Institute new insights into biological processes.


External Collaborations

Mito BioPharm 

A highly experienced team of medicinal chemists from RTS is working on derivatizing MT-2 (a small molecule compound with an excellent safety profile) and on generating novel groups of small molecule compounds with diverse pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties. The new pipeline of candidate compounds is expected to feed the need for better treatments of metabolic diseases as well as for treating other diseases with mitochondrial root.


Collaborative Grant Applications

STTR Grants

  • In vitro Screening Strategy for Anti-Fibrotic Therapeutics (with MatriCell Therapeutics)

NIH Grants

  • Developing BMP Antagonists for the Treatment of Cancer

Busch Biomedical Grant Collaborations

  • Developing BMP Antagonists for the Treatment of Cancer
  • Validation of a Technology to Accelerate Imaging Probe Development