SoCrates provides a channel for industry and the public to better access and benefit from software and content (“Works”) generated at Rutgers. The program acts as a front-end to prepare such Works to be ready for evaluation and use by industry and individuals beyond the academic world.

During its educational and research activities, the Rutgers community generates a rich array of valuable Works that span numerous fields. Those Works have great commercial and social potential, which can be realized through partnerships free from the constraints of the university. 

The SoCrates team collaborates with both faculty and industry partners to find the best fit between Works and partner opportunities. Whether a licensing deal, a sponsored research grant or a consulting opportunity, the SoCrates team works to create and ensure a smooth, efficient and productive engagement that is agnostic as to relationship structure.


Items Covered by SoCrates


SoCrates covers diverse application areas including finance, public safety, life sciences and beyond. Types of Works covered include:

  • Content Works such as curriculum, training materials and workbooks, questionnaires, diagnostic instruments, designs, design specifications;
  • Software including mobile, tools, and cloud applications as well as algorithmic methods;
  • Multimedia content such as images, videos, audio.


One-Stop Shop - license.rutgers.edu


SoCrates is a “one-stop shop” for information and licensing of Rutgers’ Works. The program provides potential licensees with the following benefits and services:

  • A frictionless process for licensing copyrighted works from the university;
  • A resource that can identify content providers and developers who can produce works to meet specific industry needs;
  • Content that companies can license and use internally, to market and sell separately and/or to build a business around.

Our licensing web portal – license.rutgers.edu – allows industry and individuals to learn about and access Rutgers Works through a simple interface with standardized license agreements and online payment processing.


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To learn more about the SoCrates program, please contact:

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Assistant Director

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