New Ventures


Startup Creation and Support

New Ventures (NV) works with faculty, researchers and business founders to evaluate the opportunities of using a startup company as a vehicle to bring specific innovations from the lab to the marketplace. Once a startup is indicated, NV assists with building a startup team to form a company which will work with NV to secure a license to pertinent intellectual property. After a license agreement is reached, NV continues to provide support with gaining access to key resources and business development.

Early Stage Commercialization Funding

NV works with faculty, researchers and Rutgers startup companies to identify and secure early stage commercialization funding. NV is also currently in the process of developing, launching and running an internal technology development fund called TechAdvanceTM.

New Ventures Staff

Yair Harel Profile Photo

Yair Harel

Executive Director, New Ventures & Commercialization Funding

Pavita Howe

Assistant Director, Commercialization Funding
Christopher Pflaum

Christopher Pflaum

Ventures Analyst