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TechAdvance supports Rutgers researchers to advance their innovative technologies toward commercialization while providing unique opportunities to present their ideas to mentors, partners and investors. Hear from four TechAdvance award recipients and see how TechAdvance funding is helping them to transform their ideas into products that will make a positive impact on the world around us.


What is TechAdvance®?


TechAdvance is an early-stage-technology fund that provides financial support and business expertise for Rutgers faculty and students to advance promising technologies toward commercialization.

TechXpress is a fast-track program of TechAdvance created to support smaller projects – such as development of prototypes, materials and experiments that generate new information or data to move Rutgers technologies closer to commercialization. For example, TechXpress funds may be used to create a prototype for a new device, purchase a compound for proof-of-concept studies, or fund a toxicology or efficacy experiment to increase the likelihood of patentability.

Our goal is to reduce the technology risk while adding value to Rutgers technologies to increase the probability of obtaining commercialization funding from industry and private investors.

By supporting early stage technologies at Rutgers, we aim to help researchers develop useful products and services that will have a positive impact on the world around us.


Benefits of the TechAdvance Program

  • Enable inventors to add value to Rutgers technologies to make them more attractive to industry and investors
  • Support Rutgers’ reputation as a source of promising new technologies
  • Promote economic development and growth in New Jersey and the region
  • Improve the likelihood of receiving follow-on funding from public and private sources
  • Generate income for Rutgers via licensing and new ventures

How It Works


  • TechAdvance offers awards of up to $50,000 to support selected Rutgers technologies
  • Upon completion of a TechAdvance-funded project, researchers may apply for additional funds from TechAdvance
  • Applicants submit proposals to TechAdvance using a web-based platform and applications are accepted on a rolling basis
  • Proposals are evaluated by external industry Reviewers and funding decisions are based on Reviewer recommendations
  • Funded projects must be completed within a 12-month period from the date of the award
  • Awardees submit progress reports during the project period and participate in an end-of-cycle event to present the results of their research to peers, reviewers, donors, Rutgers administrators, and local community and business representatives


  • TechXpress offers awards of up to $15,000 for projects that require small amounts of funding and can be completed within a short period of time
  • TechXpress offers a simplified application and review process
  • Work must be completed within 6 months
  • Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis
  • Applicants may apply for both TechAdvance and TechXpress for separate projects

How to Apply

Eligibility for TechAdvance

The main focus of TechAdvance is advancing Rutgers technologies toward commercialization. Since patents generally enhance the commercial value of such technologies, we require that the applicant be working with the Office of Research Commercialization (ORC) to pursue a patent application for the underlying invention. Note that for TechAdvance applications there must be a provisional patent application filed; for TechXpress applications, the invention disclosure must have received a positive initial assessment from ORC (DP1 assessment). The TechAdvance team will confirm your patent application status with the appropriate Licensing Manager in ORC and determine whether you are eligible to apply for TechAdvance funding. If you are not sure about the patenting status of your invention, please consult with your Licensing Manager.

In an effort to retain the ability to commercialize your technology, Rutgers needs to secure the ownership of as much intellectual property related to your technology, as possible. Therefore, if you are awarded TechAdvance funding, you are required to ensure that any and all consultants and/or contractors engaged by you or your associates, will automatically assign ALL their IP rights to Rutgers by signing a legally binding agreement prior to beginning their collaboration with you.  This will include any intellectual property directly, or indirectly, related to the technology underlying your TechAdvance project, that is created solely by them, or in collaboration with others, while doing work under the contract with your lab. The TechAdvance team will be happy to assist you with the above required agreement.

Note that if your technology is already committed (via a license agreement or an option to license) to a current or prospective licensee, or if you have already been awarded funding from another source for the same work, then the technology is NOT eligible for TechAdvance funding.

Rutgers students may be eligible to apply for TechAdvance funding provided they meet all the criteria above and they are affiliated with a Rutgers lab or PI for the technology they intend to commercialize.

Application Process

Applications are now being accepted on a rolling basis for TechAdvance and TechXpress. Our Applicant Resources page includes sample TechAdvance and TechXpress Application forms (both Parts 1 and 2) and Guidelines for Applicants.

Prospective applicants should also contact their licensing manager or send us an email at for more information.


TechAdvance Reviewers


TechAdvance applications are evaluated by external Reviewers who have strong technical expertise as well as industry experience in commercialization of new products.

If you are already a TechAdvance Reviewer, you can sign in to your TechAdvance Reviewer account or contact us at for help with creating an account.

You can also view a sample Reviewer Evaluation Form and Guidelines for Reviewers on the Reviewer Resources page to better understand the review process.


TechAdvance Student Internship Opportunity


Rutgers students are invited to apply for an opportunity to explore a career that requires broad scientific knowledge, basic business insight and acumen to recognize potential research proposals moving into the commercialization phase. Current students enrolled in science-based graduate studies can apply for this one-year internship program starting August 2020. Learn more 


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