UAV Water and Air

Researchers at Rutgers have developed an unmanned vehicle, known as The Naviator, that is capable of maneuvering in air and underwater with a smooth transition between both mediums. They have developed a fully submersible unmanned aircraft.

Variegated Stellar Pink®,  Rosy Teacups®,  and Venus® are  three of Rutgers most popular dogwood varieties.  Each has unique characteristics but all produces beautiful blooms.

Creating a Culture of Innovation
Rutgers Annual Entrepreneurship Events

Jing Li’s (Material Science and Engineering) Hybrid bright light LED material coated onto a UV LED showing its illumination

2014 Patent Dinner

Biannual Patent Award Dinner
Recognizing faculty for patented innovations

WELCOME to the Office of Research Commercialization at Rutgers also known as the ORC.


Throughout the Rutgers campuses, students and faculty are making new discoveries and creating innovations in numerous areas including agriculture, engineering, computing, physical sciences, energy, life sciences and pharmaceuticals.

At the Office of Research Commercialization, we help our researchers solve real world problems and get products into the marketplace by protecting their innovations, fostering relations with industry, licensing technologies and forming start-up companies.


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