For SoCrates Industry Partners

SoCrates is open for business and is available to meet your IP needs. You can view the currently available technologies for license on the Express Licensing Site, and contact us with questions or comments below.

Working with the SoCrates team offers many benefits to business partners:

  • Direct access to world-class innovations
  • Opportunities to commercialize technologies created by renowned research faculty
  • Comfort and satisfaction of licensing intellectual property from Rutgers University
  • Diverse content from organizations across the entire University
  • Searching across the University for specific types of content in specialized areas to help industry

Rutgers University seeks long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with businesses of all sizes from startups to mature companies. The SoCrates team engages with entrepreneurs and executives across the board to solve their problems.

The SoCrates program offers diverse creative works including software for licensing by industry. Taking advantage of Rutgers creative works increases the opportunities for industry to commercialize the content created for, and resulting from, University research.

Unlike other forms of intellectual property, creative works are usually complete, market ready and immediately available for use and licensing. Licensing creative works reduces the risks typically associated with licensing other forms of intellectual property. It extends the university's reach beyond patents providing intellectual property that is mature, tested, studied, etc., providing new and innovative commercialization opportunities.

Tell Us What You Need

In addition, organizations, departments and programs at Rutgers are generating new creative works on a regular basis. The SoCrates team is happy to work with members of Industry who may be in need of a specific technology or type of creative work in a specialized area to identify content or content providers within the University who can meet those needs.

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