QED - Guidelines for Rutgers Applicants

The QED Proof-of-Concept Program is a mentoring and coaching program that helps academic researchers plan for commercializing their early-stage life science and healthcare IT technologies. The projects selected to participate in the program receive customized coaching from industry experts, exposure to the investment community, and help in developing a funding roadmap to take the technology from bench to marketplace. At the completion of the program, project leaders will be armed with the knowledge and tools to seek follow-on funding that will help the project move further along the commercialization pathway. The key goal is to retire the business risk in these early-stage projects, increasing their attractiveness to follow-on investment by established life science companies and private investors. The Science Center kick starts this process by funding up to four projects up to $200,000 each per round.


All Rutgers researchers working on projects that have any medical relevance can apply. However, they must have made a disclosure of their work to the Office of Research Commercialization.

Application Process

  1. Have a technology that has been disclosed to ORC
  2. Work with your licensing manager to complete the white paper application
  3. Upload the completed application on the QED submission site

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