David Zimmerman Profile Photo

David Zimmerman

Assistant Director
Information Technology

Prior to joining the ORC in 2015, David held various positions in the patent world, including associate at the law firms of Kim Winston LLP and Wolff & Samson as well as an in-house counsel to Nielsen. In addition, during his time with ThinkFire Services USA, David was a consultant to numerous Fortune 100 companies on developing and monetizing their intellectual property. Prior to his career as a patent attorney and IP professional, David worked with a number of software startups in developing client-side and server-side software applications. David began his career as a high energy physics researcher. His time as an experimental physicist provided him with a deep and varied technical training that included electronic circuit board design, analog and digital electronics, real-time programming and mechanical systems design and development.

Technology Portfolio Examples:

  • Infrastructure Monitoring and Analysis
  • Environmental Systems
  • Medical Diagnostic Instruments
  • Software
  • Electronics
  • Copyrighted Material
  • Manufacturing Systems