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Lawrence Edelman

Assistant Director

Larry joined Rutgers in 2015, but started his career with a Rutgers BSEE in hand as an electrical engineer at the Defense Communications Division of ITT (where he helped design the first 12 GPS satellites). After 4 years, Larry decided to become a patent lawyer, obtained his JD from Seton Hall University during the evenings and worked the next 7 years at RCA’s David Sarnoff Research Center in Princeton (handling TV cameras, CCD imagers and receiver circuitry). Following that, Larry spent 17 years as senior patent counsel at Siemens Corporation where he was responsible for the IP protection of their US medical imaging subsidiaries (ultrasound, MRI, CT, radiation therapy, spectroscopy), patient monitoring, dental equipment and several other technologies. He then became chief patent counsel for a start-up robotic vending machine manufacturing company (Fastcorp), and after 9 years switched from “in-house” patent counsel positions to get experience at two patent law firms, Kay Scholer in New York City and Moser Taboada in New Jersey.